Noble Chaos is available through Amazon’s Audible for those who like to listen to as well as read a good book. Here’s a link:

Jack de Golia, a veteran audiobook narrator, has produced over 125 Audible books. This project took on unique value for the pro, as he commented:

Well written, well edited. It was a book I felt at home in,
given my participation in that time.

With public relations and stage-acting in his background, spanning four decades, Jack not only narrated the book, he transformed his voice to interpret over 14 unique characters.

Listen to a five-minute sample and hear for yourself!

Noble Chaos – 5 minute sample

Brent Green does a magnificent job of detailing the time period drawing upon historical information and creates a story that most of us remember in one form or another. Green gives us an insider’s look into the time period told from a college student’s point of view. Although Vietnam drives most of the conflicts and precarious clashes, it remains distant – in other words, we see how the Vietnam Conflict/War affects those who remain home. — Charla White,