Brent Green, author of Noble Chaos, and five other books including Questions of the Spirit

Brent Green has been a community organizer throughout his academic and professional careers.

During college in the late sixties at the University of Kansas, he chaired the influential Student Advisory Committee. This outspoken council persuaded administrators to eliminate dorm closing hours, create the first coeducational dorm, and discontinue sending students’ grade reports home to parents.

Since college Brent has served on numerous community boards and organizing committees, including the World Cycling Championships, Junior Achievement’s National Business Leadership Hall of Fame Conference, as Vice President for programs of the Business Marketing Association, and as board chairman of the Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Brent has received national awards for two essays and a magazine feature article from Writer’s Digest through the magazine’s annual writing competitions. Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers and Generation Reinvention, his business books, provide thought-leading examinations of the sociology and psychology of the Boomer generation. His Boomers blog is an online journal about Baby Boomers, achieving high Google rankings for relevant keyword queries. He has been a regular contributor to Huffington Post. He has also contributed to CNBC as part of the ramp up to a Tom Brokaw television documentary on the Boomer generation. Questions of the Spirit is an inspired nonfiction book about grief, bereavement, and loss. He has also written WARRIOR: The Life and Lessons of a Man Who Beat Cancer for 57 Years, a biographical novel inspired by Dr. Mark Crooks, a pioneer in the field of wellness. And, finally, his most recently published book, a collaboration with seven other authors, is entitled 1969: Are You Still Listening?

As a creative director and copywriter with over four decades of experience, Brent has received over fifty awards for creative excellence, including the Direct Marketing Association’s International Gold Echo Award, the highest worldwide distinction in direct marketing.

An earlier version of the manuscript received literary recognition from authors and editors in the annual Colorado Gold fiction writing competition, sponsored by Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.

Brent Green, author of Noble Chaos, presents the peace sign to an audience of over 400.

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